Vaughan To Make 2024 His Year

Ben Vaughan returns home to Northampton on February 17th at the Park Inn by Mercure on BCB Promotions ‘February Firepower II’ for his first fight of what could be a critical year in his boxing career.

“Trainings are going well, said Vaughan. I just keep doing what has worked before and getting in great sparring with the likes of British title challenger Kaisee Benjamin. It’s good prep, and come fight night, I will be fully ready to go.

The 24-year-old is unbeaten in seven contests and registered his first stoppage win in his last fight against Jimmy Cooper in Birmingham last October. It was the welterweights first scheduled ten-rounder, but he needed less than half of those to inflict enough damage on his opponent, with Coopers corner throwing in the towel in the fourth.

Vaughan had to overcome a bad cut in the opening round and fought at a ferocious pace that had the mostly neutral crowd getting right behind the Northampton man.

“The atmosphere was incredible in there that night. I stuck to my game plan; we both started fast, but I knew I could go through the gears, and yeah, he was tough, but I knew if I kept up the pressure, I would break him down. Fitness has always been my strength, and the longer distance will suit me because if someone wants to compete with me, they know I have the engine to fight at a pace for the full ten rounds.

This time around, the southpaw who trains out of the Shoe-Box gym in Northampton will be back fighting at home after two fights on the road and is looking forward to the benefits of that.

“It’s good to be boxing back at home. I have boxed at the venue before, and I know a lot of people that will be able to come this time who couldn’t get to Birmingham or Portsmouth. It will have been a year since I boxed back here, and I want to show my supporters what I have been working on. Northampton is not a traditional boxing town; people here love football and rugby, but it is growing in the area, and more and more boxers are coming through gyms like ours.

“I know how important this year is going to be, and I only had a brief break at Christmas, and then I was back in the gym. 2024 is my time to make a dent in the boxing scene and compete for titles, and it starts on the 17th.

Tickets for ‘February Firepower II’ are now priced at £40 standard and £80 VIP from the boxers directly or by emailing

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