Shaka Thompson Signs Back With BCB Promotions

Shaka Thompson has signed with BCB Promotions and will be making his return to the sport after five years away, pending board approval. The 28-year-old from Birmingham had built up an unbeaten seven-fight record and was on the verge of an area title fight, but then COVID struck and his boxing career was forced to come to a halt.

Life outside the ring has changed hugely for the super middleweight talent in that time; he married his long-term partner and became a baptised Christian. Now he finds himself in a happy, settled state and is ready to climb back through the ropes.

“The gym closed with COVID, and finances really took a hit at the start of 2020. I wanted to get married and move out, so my focus had to switch to my job so I could get my life in a good place. It has been a while, but I was always keeping up with my running and staying fit, and I am in good shape.

“Last year, I decided the time was right to come back. I felt sharp as ever in the gym, and on the heavy bags, it was like I had never been away. Shaun Cogan will be my coach on my return, and on my first day in his gym, there was even a poster with me on it on the wall. It felt like divine intervention, and everything was pushing me to make my comeback.

“Soon as I get signed off by the board, I want to get out as quickly as possible, and the first one will be a tune-up just to see how I look and blow off the cobwebs. I’m still young, but from there, I don’t want to waste any more time; I want to progress and then take a title opportunity when the time is right.”.

Catch Shaka on his YouTube channel

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