Denny Dazzles To Become European King

The Black Country has a European champion in Tyler Denny who realised a lifelong dream winning the middleweight title with a clinical performance ending Matteo Signani’s reign at the Civic Hall in Wolverhampton.

A fairy tale isn’t enough to describe the journey the 32-year-old from Rowley Regis has been on the last couple of years and even the most optimistic Denny supporter could never have predicted nights like this.

“This is the best feeling in the world” Said Denny, “It’s better than anything I could ever have imagined I am on cloud nine I don’t even know what to say”.


Headlining on Sky Sports he oozed confidence from the dancing ring walk to the sound of Sean Paul’s Infiltrate, to the quick start he made in the opening round. Signani has plenty of experience at this level, a two-time champion with numerous defences but he struggled to assert himself in the early exchanges.

The 44-year-old Italian walked on to a straight left hand in the first and was getting frequently caught when the action got up close. Denny a natural southpaw was controlling the distance well and catching Signani square on landing his jab to the body with ease.


It wasn’t all plain sailing though after landing his heaviest shot of the fight so far in the fifth Denny was caught rushing in and walked on to a heavy blow that appeared to have him buzzed. The former English champion saw the round out before receiving some choice words from Errol Johnson in the corner.

“I got greedy in the fifth, I landed a good shot but then got clipped but that’s me I won’t change how I am and I took it well”.

Round six saw a clash of heads that opened up a nasty cut over Signani’s eye that immediately sapped the remaining confidence he had, as he looked rather hopefully at the ring side doctor, who after a check rightly allowed the bout to continue.


There wasn’t any sense of urgency from the champion who must have known he was behind on the cards and he dropped the seventh, albeit a scrappy round that saw him trying to clinch the challenger at any opportunity.

During the interval after the round Signani was slow to get of his stool and his corner was even slower to get out of the ring. Referee Phillipe Wouters gestured for them to leave but they were hesitant and after an awkward few seconds the fight was waived off as the champion didn’t appear willing to continue.

“It was an accidental cut I was winning and ahead on the cards, he was tiring I was trying to hit him in threes and fours, and I got no response from him. It would have been nice to have got him out there, but I don’t care really, I want big fights I love fighting at home I have fought everywhere and there is no were better for me. Look at my CV I’ll fight anyone where is Eubank at, speak to Ben we’ll do it next”.


A career best win for Tyler Denny in front of 3500 adoring fans in his Black Country, this Cinderella story feels like it is just getting started.

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