BCB Head Trainer Previews Huge Weekend of Action

Paul Mann embraces Zach Parker – image (c) David Holbrook/BCB

With six BCB Promotions boxers fighting this weekend, Head Trainer Paul Mann shared his thoughts ahead of a busy few days writes Noah Abrahams.
Zach Parker, Lennox Clarke, Danny Ball, Kane Baker, Kearon Thomas and Des Newton will all be gunning for glory in the build up to Easter and Mann says that he is “blessed to be busy.”
“We are so fortunate that BT Sport, Sky Sports, MTK and ESPN are all on board and giving our lads the opportunity to fight along with the likes of Frank Warren and Matchroom. It’s absolutely amazing,” he exclaimed.
Back in action tonight, an undefeated Parker will take on America’s Vaughn Alexander as he headlines Queensbury Promotion’s Show at London’s Copper Box Arena.
Making his Queensbury debut, Parker will hope to return to the Midlands with the currently vacant WBO International super middleweight title.
Praising the WBO Inter-Continental champion, Mann had no doubt as to who will come out on top in the capital.
“Zach’s looking really good and has been training so well,” he said.“I’m not exaggerating, but there’s been at least 30 opponents who we’ve tried to get for Zach. We’ve said yes to every single one, but the circumstances have made it very difficult.
“Vaughn is dangerous, and nobody would take him on. I know he’s lost four times, but he’s never been stopped.
“The people who Vaughn has lost to are no numpties. An Anthony Simms Jr for example, has 18KO’s from 20 fights.
“Zach has just got to do what Zach does best and that’s box.
“I’m not trying to boost him up just because he’s my fighter, but I will tell you now that he will be one of the best super middleweights to come out of this country.
“Zach is phenomenal. We will keep him grounded and away from any other top prospects, because we will end up fighting them.
“Zach doesn’t only hold tremendous power in both hands, but he won the super middleweight British title from Daryll Williams whilst fighting southpaw. Don’t forget that he dislocated his shoulder in that fight.
“Zach fought through the Williams fight and won it. He’s a special talent and I can’t wait to see him shine in London. He’s like a caged lion and I need to let him out so that the world can see what he’s all about.
“Vaughn has come to win, and he will give his 100% because Zach is a special talent.
“Being the headliner won’t affect him at all. This kid is something else. He looks like a model, but he was born to box.”
Defending his WBC International Silver welterweight title, Danny Ball will aim to defeat Sam Gilley on Saturday night.Having last fought in 2019 due to the Coronavirus, Ball’s undefeated record is at stake against his also undefeated opponent.
Mann highlighted Ball’s impressive career so far.
“Danny’s been training really well and even has abs!” he said.“The lads who Danny has stopped were tough to beat. Danny dropped Kevin McCauley in 2018 and made a big statement.
“It’s going to be amazing to watch Danny. To actually get into the ring for him will be a massive relief.”
Walsall based BCB road warrior Kearon Thomas takes on debutant Jason Harty as part of tonight’s action.
Moving on to Saturday, Lennox Clarke competes for the vacant super middleweight Commonwealth belt and the BBofC British title against Dominic Ingle’s undefeated Willy Hutchinson once again Stratford.
Looking forward to contest, Mann highlighted Clarke’s work ethic ahead of the clash with Scotland’s first world amateur champion.
“Willy Hutchinson has been touted as one of the next best super middleweights. But I work with one of the best super middleweights and that’s Lennox Clarke.
“We’ve left no stone unturned for this fight.
“Lennox has had a stop start career and has 7KO’s to his name.
“Believe me, Lennox Clarke is something else. He’s dangerous, ferocious, and mean. He’s a lovely guy, but when he steps through the ropes, he has a nasty streak.
“He came straight from white collar without an amateur background. All of his learning has been around the pro ranks.
“He trains really hard and this will be a really good fight.
“I’ve trained more than 500 fighters and Lennox Clarke is an absolute machine when he trains. He’s an unbelievable athlete.”
Plymouth based BCB road warrior Des Newton takes on Eithan James as part on the undercard.
Also on Saturday night, but in Gibraltar, Dillian Whyte will seek revenge as he goes toe to toe with Alexander Povetkin in the Rumble on the Rock with the eyes of the world watching, Birmingham-based Baker will feature on the undercard.
Taking on undefeated super featherweight Youssef Khoumari, Baker will stop at nothing to come out on top against his fellow countryman. A fight that could potentially be watched by millions around the globe, Mann explained the excitement surrounding Baker’s 22nd bout.
“Who wouldn’t want to in Gibraltar right now. I’m really excited for Saturday night,” he said.
“How can you not love Kane Baker? His character, demeanour, and the way that he carries himself, he’s a lot more than just a boxing fan with a licence.
“Kane’s a top athlete and when he puts his mind to it, he’s absolutely amazing.
“Kane shows what is achievable when you actually do dedicate yourself to the sport of boxing. Not just physically, but mentally.
“I’m really looking forward to this bout. He’s doing absolutely fine and he’s buzzing.
“It’s a shame that we can’t be there, but our close friend Carl Greaves will take care of Kane on our behalf.
“Kane’s been on some big shows and I don’t think that the pressure will phase him in any way shape or form. He’ll go out there and perform. He’ll be looking forward to his dessert afterwards!
“Don’t forget that Kane’s fought the likes of Connor Benn. I’m not trying to discredit Khoumari, but I do believe that Kane will bring a lot to the table and he [Khoumari] needs to be on it as well. It would be wrong to think of Kane as a push over.
“Kane will make this a very exciting fight.
“All of our boxers have realised that the opportunity is there and that they have got to give 100%. When you’re coming on these shows without crowds, you will get televised. A lot of the boxers are putting in the extra effort because they know that millions of people will be watching around the world.
“I can’t wait to see Kane perform and pull of an upset.
“Anything is possible for absolutely anyone. There is an abundance within each and everyone one of us. We can achieve anything that we want to. Stay humble, train hard and be honest in your craft. The world is your oyster.”

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