Healy Kickstarts Boxing Career

Former kickboxing world champion, Katie Healy, steps into the pro boxing ranks

By Matt Farrington

Healy Kickstarts Boxing Career 

Former Kickboxing champion Katie Healy kick starts her career in Boxing, as she signs with BCB Promotions writes Matt Farrington

“I just love competing,” she told bcb-promotions.com. “I put my all into it, I put my everything into training and fights, I’m never half hearted.”  

After years of Kickboxing as a teenager, gaining two world titles at different weights, it is a love for sport and competition that has inspired Katie Healy to work hard to become yet another female boxer from the U.K with great potential. 

Although she has acknowledged that there is a good calibre of womens fighters in her division she remains positive about her future in the sport .Healy is aiming to storm the pro ranks as one of the biggest prospects in the country. “With people like Gavin (Burrows), Rachel (Ball) and BCB behind me I’d like to think i can strive for the best.”  

Katie couldn’t have picked a better time too with the women’s boxing in a state of prosperity. It is a perfect time for Katie to make an impact in the domestic scene in Britain, where she could quickly ascend to being one of the top ranked fighters in the Country/World like gym partner Rachel Ball.

Katie’s relationship with Interim WBA Super Bantamweight champion Rachel Ball goes back to when they were very young, and they have been working together to push each other for years; “It’s very inspiring, we started sparring when we were 15. We are similar in how we fight, it’s really useful to have her advice on how to make things work in boxing.”  

While Katie has not yet had her first fight she still sees a big future in the sport; “I’d like to think I could aspire to achieve the best of the best like Rachel.” 

Despite her Kickboxing experience, Katie is still paying very close attention to the skills required in the boxing game. “I’m learning everything from scratch, it’s going well though and I’m excited to see how it’s going to come together on the night.” As she trains she is noticing the huge differences between the sport. 

 “When I was kicking I had to have my feet very light, now I’m planting my feet more” which leads to much more powerful punches. 

Healy is announcing fight news soon but said that she is expecting a fight around May.  Unfortunately, it will be without fans, but she is looking to make a statement and enjoy the beginning of her boxing journey. 

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