Fin Goes Pro

The game has certainly gained a colourful addition in Finley Cooper, the half Scillian middleweight who makes his pro debut in his home city of Wolverhampton writes Mike Lockley.

At just 20, Finley, from a big family, is creating waves outside the ring through his own property company, Cooper Dominion Ltd. And that business success has come despite the lad being kicked out of school, aged 15, for fighting. “Stupid really,” he shrugged. “I was sticking up for a mate.”

Not surprisingly, Finley is selling a healthy number of tickets for his debut at The Hangar on Friday, July 14. The night is promoted by BCB.

When I spoke to him today (Friday) over 50 VIP seats, alone, had already been flogged.

From Wolverhampton’s Bradmore suburb, Finley had a 16 fight amateur career for Merridale and BCB clubs.

“I won eight, lost eight,” he told me. “I was never a massive fan of the amateur scene because I’ve always been quite a rugged fighter, I like fighting on the inside. The amateurs were a bit pitty-patty. I’m a pressure fighter and lost some fights because my opponent landed one or two punches more, that’s all.

“My style has always been more pro, coaches were always telling me that.”

Finley is candid about his reasons for turning over.

“Number one, I wanted to start getting paid to fight,” he shrugged. “Number two, I was never a massive fan of the amateurs.”

Cooper promises to bring excitement to the paid circuit.

“I can bang,” he told me. “With my style, I’ll bring a lot of violence and entertainment. I see the ring like a Colosseum and fighters like gladiators. I believe that’s the way it should be.

“There’ll be nerves on Friday, there’s always nerves when I fight, but those nerves bring the best out of you. I like nerves, without them I wouldn’t be as focused or switched on.”

How far will the pro journey take him?

“I’ve always had self belief,” he added. “If anyone else can do it, I can do it – I work just as hard as them. It’s about how much you want it.”

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