Troy Back In Action

By Cameron Dunmore

Super middleweight prospect Troy Jones steps back into the ring, looking to increase his impressive unbeaten record.

The 24-year-old has been on a huge spree recently in his boxing career with an unbeaten 2-0 record this year alone, winning one by technical knockout and the other by decision.

The Birmingham born fighter will enter the ring once again at BCB Promotions Christmas Cracker event held at the Eastside Rooms on Woodstock Street on December 22.

Jones is under a large amount of spotlight as a boxing prospect and has large aspirations to take over the super middleweight division piece by piece.

With a fight scheduled at Black Country Boxing for December 12, and coming off a technical knockout win, Jones is entering the competition with means to make a statement.

Troy’s last fight was on November 13, not too long ago, and was a win by way of knockout.

This momentum and Jones constant activity in boxing has a made a large amount of hype follow him where he goes as he seems to be speeding up and climbing the ranks at a very fast rate.

His camp so far has gone well training at the Cuban Boxing Club Dubai, and with his coach for the past seven months, Lee Beard in his corner for the first time Troy is confident nobody can stand in his way.

He mentioned his coach Lee Beard being able to “See things in the ring that others can’t, he knows the levels to this game

“He couldn’t be in my corner last time but has been my coach for the past seven months and I’m confident we will get it done”.

Troy said: “I spar elite kids, different styles, I am confident in myself.

“The level of competition I am against, I’m confident in what I do

“The first round will decide, and from there I will just stick to the plan”.

Troy’s recent camp has seen him training in Dubai, as he said he has been “working on distance and being more relaxed”.

He said he “Gets stuck in a fight and is naturally aggressive” but with his new camp he is working on learning how to “Break people down from range and when they’re broken down, step into them and finish them in a fashion”

Jones set opponent changed, but he said that it is not frustrating for him as his coach has been training him for any opponent, and he will “Beat what’s in front of him”.

Troy spoke about the way the ‘game’ goes, with opponents pulling out on very little notice, and said it does not affect him as he knows its what happens and does not train for one person.

His goal is to be 5-0 by the end of this year and wants to reach for between 10-0 or 11-0 next year, as he said it’s a realistic goal for him to reach.

With Jones’s opponent being not yet announced, it will be very interesting to see what gameplan both him and Lee come out with, and to see his newly ranged and precise style be used to deal with the opponent placed in front of him.

Jones has said in previous interviews: “I may not have won national titles, but I know what it likes to take on quality opponents and I think that will stand me in good stead.”

His confidence is undeniable going into this final bout of the year, and with his new coach and style incorporated is expected to bring electric fireworks to the ring.

Troy gave a prediction to the December 12 fight, saying: “I am predicting breaking someone down from round one, every round making them deteriorate more and more.”

“Stick to the gameplan round by round, execute the gameplan Lee gives, and finish them in a fashion.”

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