Jake Follows In Father’s Footsteps

By Mitchell Barwell

Jake Melvin returns to the ring for the second time this year, as he looks to build on his impressive debut back in April.

The Birmingham born fighter will return to action as BCB Promotions host their Christmas Cracker event at the Eastside Rooms on Woodstock Street on December 22.

Melvin won his first fight earlier this year by decision after going the distance with Petar Aleksandrov to successfully complete his return to boxing after a five year layoff.

Stepping back into the squared circle for his second pro fight at just 20 years old, Melvin will be aiming to build on his first bout and remain unbeaten.

Although he will not be looking for his first knockout victory of his pro career unless the opportunity presents itself.

He said: “I wouldn’t say I’d go in there looking for the knockout, I don’t want to find myself loading up on shots, I just go in there looking to box.

“But I’ll see. If a good punch lands and I hurt him I’ll definitely try to go for the knockout.

“If it comes, it comes. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

“But I wouldn’t say I’m particularly looking for the knockout.”

After spending five years out of boxing with his last bout coming when he was 15 years old, before his recent fight back in April. Melvin believes he is getting back into the swing of boxing after his time away from the sport.

“Having the break for five years it was harder than I thought to get back into it.

“You know getting the reactions back, the timing, the fitness, because you can be as fit as you want but boxing fitness is just different.

“So it was harder than I thought but I’m getting there every day now and improving.

“This camp I’ve been a lot better than I was the first, better sparring, doing more rounds, so with everyone it’s an improvement.”

After returning to boxing Melvin says he has not focused on any particular area just yet as he aims to just improve all round following his time out.

“Training has been really good for this fight to be honest.

“I wouldn’t say there’s anything in particular I’ve been working on, just still improving on anything I can really.

“Maybe working on a different style so I can mix it up, but nothing in particular just as I said trying to improve everything really.”

With Melvin highlighting just how valuable his recent training camp has been in preparation for his second fight, he has revealed how significantly different it has been from his first camp.

“Preparation from my first fight was definitely different because obviously having the break outside the ring.

“My first fight at the time was just trying to get back to basics and prove my fitness, but for this fight I’ll be sharper from the start and will concentrate on different things, like variety of shots.

“My fitness has always been there as I’ve stayed ticking over, so the preparation has definitely been different.”

Melvin has always been fortunate throughout his still young career as he has his dad in his corner who is a former boxer himself.

Malcolm Melvin (Jake’s father) was a super lightweight with a career which saw him face some of the best around across 39 bouts.

Malcolm’s presence was always something that lured Jake into boxing, to which he is grateful to have his father’s expertise on hand to guide him in the right direction.

“Obviously having my dad as my trainer is always good, especially that he boxed at a good level himself.”

“He knows what he’s on about.

Despite his father’s influence, Jake does differ in style to his dad but accepts the usefulness of incorporating different techniques.

“I would say our styles are a bit different because he’s a bit smaller than me so he’s more of an inside fighter.

“I’m trying to adapt and get a bit more rangy but he does help me with both so if I box, I box, but I can also fight inside.

Melvin is aiming to become more active in the new year as he looks to take his career in boxing further by having more bouts to improve and showcase his ability.

“After the new year I’d definitely like to have three or four (fights) in that year because of course I’m still learning and I think I’d improve with every fight, so the more the better.

“If all goes well and I win this fight I’d like to get out relatively quickly in the new year.”

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