7 Up For Brandon

Brandon Jones has the chance to go seven-up as a professional with longer distances and title tests next in his mind.

Further action comes when he’s a part of BCB Promotions’ final bill of the year at the Hangar Events Venue, in Wolverhampton, on the Friday night of December 16.

Brummie Jones, from Chelmsley Wood, has so far shown similar promise that he displayed as an amateur, which landed him two national titles.

He landed top honours in the 2014 England Junior Championships and NABC competition of 2016, over an amateur career that saw him amass 38 amateur bouts, with 30 victories.

The 23-year-old light heavyweight has been trained by his first amateur coach, John Costello, since starting his pro run in October of last year.

His maiden TKO came on his debut, in round three over Ryan Bithell, before outpointing Antony Woolery and Elvis Dube, in further four-rounders.

A rematch with Dube lasted one round, after his adversary withdrew citing an injury, with Jones going on to beat Konstantin Aleksandrov by another points whitewash.

All of Jones’ points successes have been over four rounds and have finished with landslide results (40-36), with a second stoppage coming in his last outing.

Jones eventually punched through the spirited Patryk Polasik, in the fourth and last round, with just 12 seconds left until the final bell would have sounded.

He said: “It’s been a good training camp and we’ve been able to keep a lot of it in-house, because me and Ryan (Kelly, stable-mate and fellow pro) are always in the gym.

“We’ve been on the same bill together before, so we are always pushing each other (in sparring) and John (Costello, coach) spends a lot of time with both of us.

“Me and John have been working on my jab. I tend to lean over my front foot, when I’m throwing it, so I’m hoping that we’ve ironed that out now. Everything else has come together.

“I didn’t expect my last opponent to come out fighting like he did. In fact, I think I lost the first round, but I warmed into it and then stepped up the pressure.

“I split his right eye, the third round, and I caught him with three sets of combination punches at the end. The referee had to stop it, because his head kept snapping back.

“It turned out nice, in the end, I got most of the distance in and the stoppage was a bonus. I was supposed to have a six-rounder, initially, but my opponent got switched.

“Getting to 7-0, with another win here, is exactly where I want to be. I’m working my way up to, hopefully, a Midlands title shot next year.

“I think being a pro suits my style way more, it’s made for the game really. I can work on the back-foot, front-foot, off my jab and pick my shots.”

Tickets for the Hangar bill are available, priced at £40 standard or £75 VIP ringside with buffet, from the BCB Box Office by calling 07493 582 261 or visiting myfighttickets.com.

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