Madden Ready To Maul Opponent

Dempsey Madden would relish the opportunity of ‘mauling’ his opponent to the extent of a maiden TKO as a pro.

He’s a part of BCB Promotions’ next offering at the H Suite in Edgbaston, Birmingham, on the Sunday afternoon of July 10.

It represents the first ring action of 2022 for the 30-year-old, who is Solihull-born, but lives in Northampton, training out of the town’s Team Shoe-Box gym.

He turned pro last year, debuting in October with a victory over Kevin McCauley, overcoming a shaky start to prevail on points, through a 39-37 scoreline.

More action followed in December, taking on debutant Phil Price, without losing a round, on that occasion, settling for a 40-37 points success.

Boxing is in the blood for him, being a second-generation fighter as the son of Dave Madden, who named him after his own boxing hero, ‘the Manassa Mauler’ Jack Dempsey.

Madden was 13-years-old when he began an extremely short amateur career, representing Weedon Boxing Club in Daventry. He wouldn’t lace on the gloves again until the age of 24.

Another two contests for Carmarthen Boxing Club was the sum total of his amateur experience, having stepped away to become a family man and married father-of-two.

He said: “I’m feeling good, switched on and ready to go. There has been an accumulation of things that have kept me out of the ring, so far this year, but it’s all sorted now.

“I’ve been back in the gym for a while now and I just want to continue that. I’ve got a bit of catching up to do and I need to kick on from here.

“There’s always been great sparring, in our gym, and I’m learning a lot from the other lads. I haven’t got much experience, whereas they had good amateur careers.

“Ben (Vaughan) is a southpaw and Ethan (James) can switch between stances, so they are tricky customers to get in the ring with and that’s bringing me on.

“I was happy enough with my last performance. It was a little bit worrying having a debutant, but these are the risks that you have to take.

“I liked the sound of being able to take someone’s ‘0’ and that spurred me on to work harder in training, because I knew that he would be coming for the win, as much as me.

“No disrespect to anyone but, sometimes, it’s just another night to a journeyman, but he was always going to come for it. He put up a decent enough fight.

“I was just too much for him, I was straight on it and took control. He was heavier and a good 3in taller than me, but I was stronger, so he was trying to keep away.

“People want to see stoppages and I’d love to get one this time. I don’t mind a scrap, so you never know, but getting the win is most important.”

Tickets for the H Suite bill are available, priced at £40 standard or £75 VIP ringside with buffet, directly from the boxers or by visiting

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