Punches In Bunches For Morris

Lewis Morris plans to throw punches in bunches as his development continues with a fourth professional contest.

He’s back in the ring when BCB Promotions return to the Eastside Rooms, on Woodcock Street in Birmingham, with a Sunday afternoon showdown set for June 26.

The 20-year-old has flitted between bantamweight, feather and super feather since his debut, with super bantam also a possibility.

Morris, from Bloxwich near Walsall, made his introduction last October, with a considerable height advantage over 5ft 1in southpaw Reiss Taylor.

He kept his composure to claim all four rounds and outpoint Taylor, by virtue of a 40-36 points decision, with his second bout of 2021 putting him against Josh Anderson. A slow spell in one session resulted in a drawn round, but Morris was on top in the other three to claim a 40-37 verdict, before returning to action in March.

He unloaded on Ricky Leach for most of the four rounds, but couldn’t force an early finish, so instead settled for another 40-36 result. Morris will again have ex-pro Richie Carter in his corner, who has coached him since he was an amateur with Wolverhampton Boxing Club.

His amateur career saw him amass 24 wins from 31 unpaid bouts, with area honours coming his way twice in the England Junior Championships. He’s always in the gym, too, as his boxing exploits go alongside being employed as a personal trainer at the Thrive Training Club & Bootcamp in Aldridge.

Morris said: “I’ve had another really good camp, we’ve upped everything again in training and it just feels like I’m getting better and better. “It might be that age is playing a part, my man strength hasn’t quite come through, but it’s definitely on its way. I’m growing into the weight and I’m still only young.

“My opponents have been feeling my shots, in sparring, so I know that I can dig when I need to. I’m not a light puncher anyway, I know that from the amateurs. “I stopped a few lads (five), as an amateur, and I’d love to get some more. I can’t go out looking for it but, if I box to the best of my ability, they will come.

“I’ve settled nicely into the pros and it suits me. My style is to warm into a fight, suss my opponent out and work out what he’s going to do. “I used to lose the first round doing that a lot, as an amateur, but I haven’t since turning pro. It can come across as a bit lazy, but it sets me up to come forward.

“I hurt my hand (right) in my last fight, it swelled up the next day and it was probably on the other guy’s head! He was a tough man, I can assure you of that. “I thought I looked good in there. I was going to the body, as well, and catching him, without getting hit myself. That’s what boxing is all about.

“I’ve got a lot more to show in there, this time, and I want to start putting combinations together, rather than just landing the one punch.

“I’ve come a long way, even from my pro debut, where I hadn’t boxed in 18 months and I was just tapping him with my shots. I was still in amateur mode. “In the second one, I still had a cold on the day, so I got a bit tired late on, but that and my third win were better performances. I want to top that now.”

Tickets for the Eastside Rooms bill are available, priced at £40 standard or £75 VIP ringside with buffet, directly from the boxers or by visiting myfighttickets.com.

Please note, doors will now open at 1.00pm not 2.00pm as previously stated. VIP’s Sunday Dinner will be served at 1.30pm.

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