Pettigrew Gets Balance Right

Ashley Pettigrew is getting the balance right in a bid to become a successful professional. 

He makes his bow when BCB Promotions stage another show at the Venue, in Dudley, with a Friday fight night set for June 17. 

Pettigrew has cut down on his hours, as a carpenter, to make sure he’s available for a training regime that’s split between old and new bases. 

The 23-year-old, from the village of Doxey in Stafford, has represented the town’s Fight Factory for all of his boxing experience, which came on the unlicensed circuit. 

He undertook 16 unlicensed bouts, 14 of them wins and 10 of those ending by TKO, coming across George Bance (3-0 pro) in a tournament final. 

His coach, Ant Bailey, is following him into the pro code, having obtained a coach’s licence, and Pettigrew is planning to make waves in the super welterweight division. 

He said: “I train out of two gyms, I’m still at the Fight Factory on Tuesday and Friday evenings, where we do a lot of pad work and circuits. 

“Me and some of the other BCB lads have been going to Tipton Sports Academy on Tuesday mornings, where we use the track for running. 

“I go to BCB (Wednesbury) for sparring, too, and that’s been great, sharing a ring with the likes of Tyler Denny, Mussab Abubaker, Ryan Woolridge and James Scarrott. 

“I’ve come on leaps and bounds, since Christmas, which is about the same time that I decided to turn pro and work part-time, so I could focus on boxing. 

“I’m a self-employed carpenter, so I can pick my hours and choose my jobs, which fits in well, although I’ve got to still earn a living!

“I’ve only ever had unlicensed fights, I had my first one when I was 17 and I got my last two in over December – and I won both of them by stoppage!

“I hadn’t boxed in a couple of years, before that, because of the pandemic and I’d lost twice just before it started. One was to George (Bance), the other to Peter (Salami). 

“That made me think that I needed a couple more, before I’d be ready to be a pro, but I wasn’t expecting that long a wait. Come the new year, I was ready. 

“I actually started boxing when I was 14, at another club (The Right Stuff). I only did a couple of months there. Later on, I went to the Fight Factory looking to learn MMA.

“I was much better fighting on my feet, so I stuck with boxing and went unlicensed. I fought some good opponents, although I know that the pro game is another level. 

“Grant Cunningham (ex-pro) knows Ant (Bailey) and comes down to the Fight Factory, from time to time. He used to be with BCB and he put us in their direction.

“I’ve done a lot of learning rounds with Grant, when we’ve sparred, and that’s been another part of my development. It’s been a big help for me. 

“I’m not a one-punch knockout artist, but I can get people to the body. I’m a front-foot fighter and a decent finisher. I’ve got that killer instinct.”

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