Doherty Back In Action

Jarrett Doherty is ready for a new beginning with a four-year absence from a pro boxing ring about to come to an end.

He resumes his efforts when BCB Promotions stage their next show at the H Suite in Edgbaston, Birmingham, on the Friday evening of June 10.

The 32-year-old Brummie, from Bordesley Green, is under new management, after coming through the ranks of Eastside Boxing Club, as an amateur.
His unpaid career saw him amass 21 bouts, with 18 wins among them, where he went toe-to-toe with the likes of future Olympic silver medalist Ben Whittaker.

Doherty turned pro in 2017, scoring a four-round points whitewash over Victor Edagha, through a 40-36 scoreline, at the final bell.

The following year, he then jumped into a match with 7-0 prospect Jake Haigh, pushing him all of the way to a close call, before being edged by a point, due to a 58-57 verdict.

Days later, in 2017, Doherty went back out to tackle Corey Jackson, which is his last pro action to date, and ended with a damaging TKO defeat in three rounds.

Since then, the super middleweight has linked up with the father-and-son team of Spencer McCracken Snr and Jnr, who operate as his manager and coach respectively.

‘Dayne-Ja’ is additionally being kept busy by being employed as an engineer for Rolls Royce, working at Birmingham Business Park, and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

He said: “I enjoyed my time at Eastside and I’ve always been matched tough, even in sparring. I came through at the same time as Shak(an Pitters) and Kaisee (Benjamin).

“They have gone on to win titles and you always had to be on top of your game, in sparring against them, but I’m used to good opponents, even from the amateurs.

“I was late coming into boxing, I didn’t take it up until I was 20. It was just a bit of a hobby that got out of hand! I was 27 when I turned pro.

“When I was still an amateur, I got to the quarter-finals of the novices (England Development Championships) and then entered the Elite (senior tournament).

“There were four of us at the weight (75kg) in me, Jordan Thompson, River Wilson-Bent and, in his first year as a senior (2017), Ben Whittaker!

“Jordan and River went on to become pros and, obviously, Ben is coming into it now, after doing so well at the Olympics. It was typical, I got him in the first round!

“But I’ve never been afraid of anyone and I think that I’ve already proved that, as a pro. I’ve only fought one journeyman and it was easy.

“I took the Jake Haigh fight and I should have got, at least, a draw from it, but I understand that I was between a rock and a hard place. I took a risk and I knew it was a gamble.

“I wanted to get straight back in there and, eight days later, I was against Corey Jackson. If I’m honest, I completely under-estimated him.

“I was beating him, to be fair, but he caught me with a proper whack of a right hand and, the next thing I knew, I was in the changing rooms.

“After that, I kept getting offered silly opponents, at short notice, so I backed off a bit from boxing and now I’ve got a new coach (Spencer Jnr), who I’ve built up a great rapport with.

“I’ve still got the skills, so I need to prove myself. I’ve definitely got a Midlands title in me and, once you got those 10 rounds in, who knows where I could get to next.

“I’m just as comfortable boxing on the back-foot as being a pressure fighter, so I know I’ve got many talents and quantity can also mean quality.”

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