Henry Boxes Again

Cliff Henry will continue to be all things to all people as his pro boxing journey gathers pace.

He goes again when BCB Promotions return to the Eastside Rooms, on Woodcock Street in Birmingham, with fight night set for Friday April 29.

He proved that life begins at 40 when he made his pro debut, with a flawless points whitewash victory over Ben Thomas, at the same venue, on February 25.

All of a day later, Henry was celebrating his 41st birthday, with a decent victory to look back on, having floored Thomas in the first round, registering a 40-35 points call at the final bell.

The Jamaican-born light heavyweight, who lives in Hereford, was forced into making the decision of either turning pro or stopping fighting.

Amateur regulations state that boxers can only be registered up to the end of the calendar year of their 40th birthday, meaning Henry was timed out.

He only took up the sport four years ago, racking up 11 bouts, with seven wins, over a short amateur career spent with South Wye Boxing Club.

He’s now coached by Tony Chadwick, out of the City of Hereford Boxing Academy, where pro stable-mates include Danny Williams and Liam O’Hare.

Henry is still serving as an infantry officer in the British Army, too, and was recently sent to the United States, on a short working trip, as part of his duties.

The married father-of-four is just as busy at home, too, but Henry wouldn’t have it any other way, with boxing another area where he’s determined to make his mark.

He said: “I’m, obviously, a busy man, and it can be hard keeping up my training when I’m away, but I always manage to keep fit, whenever I may be.

“I was in the US for the best part of a week, at the end of March going into April, on the West Coast, and some of these military bases are in the middle of nowhere.

“But there’s the opportunity to go out running and do shadow boxing, press-ups, sit-ups, squats and other forms of exercise.

“That makes up, to an extent, for not being in the gym and I work very hard when I get back. Fortunately, there’s always sparring there for me, too.

“I enjoyed my birthday, we took the day to relax and then I went for a nice meal with my birthday. My wife (Veronica) was at the fight, but my kids are too young.

“I was happy with my performance, I stuck to the game-plan and the knockdown was pleasing, but I didn’t go out there looking for the stoppage

“We were clenching, in the corner, and I broke free to get my hands back. It was about timing, really, I threw a stiff left jab and he went over, but I knew he was a tough boy.

“I followed up with body shots, not just head-hunting, but it was a big night and I didn’t want to do anything silly, so I kept on working behind the jab.

“I wanted to make sure that everything I did was calculated and meticulous, so I think I made a bit of a statement. I just need to keep on improving now.

“I’m new to the pro game, but I already know that there’s plenty left in the tank, so I’m glad to have the opportunity to get in there again.

“I’d love to work my way towards becoming a champion and the area title is my target. It’s early days, but there’s nothing wrong with having ambition.”

Tickets for the Eastside Rooms bill are available, priced at £40 standard or £75 VIP ringside with buffet, directly from the boxers or by visiting myfighttickets.com.

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