BCB Trio Light Up Brum

Ahmed, Davies and Heaney all in action writes Matt Farrington.

Saturday night in Birmingham BCB Promotions’ Ijaz Ahmed battled Kaisy Khademi for the second time, which resulted in a stalemate where neither man could quite get the upper hand.

Kaisy set a blistering pace from the opening bell but Ahmed reacted violently by pouring on the pressure with fast combination punching and hard bodyshots.

Khademi, cheered on by his ringside supporters, engaged with Ijaz, directly trading with him into the second half of the fight which played into Ahmed’s hands.

In the later rounds Khademi slowed down first, which allowed Ahmed to bag the latter rounds with his aggression and excellent workrate.

The draw at the end of the fight silenced the crowd momentarily, but everyone soon after clapped and cheered for the effort both men had given.

Ahmed as the aggressor rightly felt hard done by but hopefully we’ll see the trilogy of this intriguing battle.

Two other BCB fighters, Liam Davies and Nathan Heaney both secured knockout victories over their opponents.

Liam, as usual, broke down his opponent with his power punching and bodyshots. He started with a slow and methodical pace but quickly went through the gears.

There was a clear height advantage for Davies against the 5ft6 Raymond Commey, who at first seemed very awkward, but eventually
got caught and stopped in round 2.

Overall, a confident and easy performance from Liam, who after the fight rejoined his family and friends in the crowd to watch some of the other fights.

Similar to Nathan Heaney, Liam has a large fan base of fans from Telford.

In the arena his Telford supporters were actively competing with Heaney’s Stoke fans on who could chant the loudest for their man.

Inevitably though it was Heaney’s supporters who stole the show. Bringing in 2000 supporters directly from his hometown, Heaney boxed second last against a tough but basic Konstantin Alexsandrov.

Heaney boxed thoughtfully and stopped him in the 5th round. Heaney seemed relaxed and
focused, but nothing new was revealed against Alexsandrov.

Heaney is definitely ready for bigger fights and he deserves them as he is drawing in such
large crowds now.

After Heaney’s win it seemed like half of the crowd emptied out to get a late train home to Stoke despite the headline fight between Cacace and Woodstock still remaining, which really highlights Heaney’a star power.

As a trio the BCB fighters Ahmed, Davies and Heaney really made the “Night Of Champions” an entertaining watch- giving us a 10 round war, two knockouts, and plenty of atmosphere.

Images (c) MSN/Manjit Narotra

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