D’Animal Enters Polish Tournament

There’s no lack of ambition from Andrew Robinson who brashly declared “D’Animal is back” when answering the phone writes Oliver McManus. The vastly experienced middleweight returns in a mini-tournament out in Poland next month in which he rematches Damian Jonak in the first contest.
Andrew began by telling me of his ambitions to ‘crumple’ his Polish opponent and move on to bigger challenges.
“D’Animal is back. Seek and destroy, that’s what it’s about, I’ve always been quite an aggressive fighter and now I’ve got to seek and destroy. I know (Damian Jonak) has wanted this rematch and thinks he won the first fight but I’m going out there to knock him out in front of his own fans. There’s no doubt in my mind about it.”
The incredibly matter-of-fact tone was perhaps explained by a frustration that underpinned our entire conversation. Robinson was tetchy at the mention of Liam Williams and it was plain to see that fight lingered in the back of his mind: he wasn’t bitter about how it unfolded but, rather, that for many viewers it might well be their first and last impression of the seasoned professional.
“I’m so much better than what people saw in the Liam Williams fight, so much better. You look at my record and I’ve been in some great fights, you can’t say I was ever boring, so I can’t have that knockout as people’s lasting memory of me. I didn’t even get started, and that’s my own fault, so I’m determined to have one more British title fight before I retire and remind people what D’Animal is about.”
His first round stoppage defeat to the Welshman prompted a period of internal reflection. Robinson had been mandatory challenger for the British title for well over a year before contesting the belt and the 36 year old put it simply: he had become stale.
The former Midlands Area Champion made some changes behind the scenes and says he’s feeling more refreshed than ever as a result.
“I’m excited to show people what I’ve been working on and see those changes in the ring. I’m training with Anthony Hall now and we’re going back to basics. You kind of lose yourself in a rut when you’re doing the same thing everyday in the gym but I’m loving this new setup and it feels like I’m starting my career again: I’ve got my confidence back and I’ve got a point to prove.”
But looking to the future there was a clear goal in Robinson’s mind and it couldn’t be any simpler.
“I need to have one last chance at the British (title) to prove I’m better than what people saw against Williams… I want (Felix) Cash.”

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