Ahmed Ready to Jazz up the Super Flyweight Division

Ijaz Ahmed aiming to bring more belts back to the BCB stable next month

Rob Wassall caught up with Ijaz ‘Jazzy’ Ahmed for bcb-promotions.com ahead of his WBO and IBF European Title and clash with the unbeaten Quaise Khademi on Friday, 13th November at BT Studios:

RW – This is yet another big opportunity for a BCB fighter to showcase their skills on one of the main boxing platforms, will this add pressure or is this going to be another day in the office for you?

IA – For me it’s another day at the office, don’t get me wrong it’s a massive opportunity which I’m looking to take with both hands. But I want to show the world what I’m about. I have put the hard work in and have given myself the best chance to win those titles and leave the ring with no regrets.

RW – The super flyweight division seems to be one to watch at the moment, with a number of great domestic clashes such as this there to be made. Are you eager to be involved in more fights like this one?

IA – 100% I’m not here to hover around, I want to be in with the best and test myself at the highest level. I have full confidence I can make a noise in this division. Me and my team want to take all the opportunities that make sense at flyweight or super flyweight.

RW – You challenged Harvey Horn for the European belt at flyweight in your last bout and just come up short, has there been any learnings from that loss?

IA – Yes I learnt a lot. He was a tricky southpaw who didn’t want to engage to be honest. He boxed smart but just wanted to run all fight. I switched it up too late. That fight has taught me a lot.

RW – There has been some great victories and performances over the past few months for BCB fighters, Thomas Essomba, Kane Baker and Rachel Ball to name a few. Are you confident in keeping that streak going?

IA – Yes definitely. I want to make my team and management happy. They have put full confidence and faith in me, and I want to bring back the win for them and the gym. I also want to keep up the great publicity the BCB banner is receiving at the moment.

RW – Do you feel a victory over an unbeaten prospect such as Quaise will propel your career and put your name in the hat for some big future fights?

IA – When I win this fight, it will push me up the rankings and I will become one to watch. It will then put me on the hunt for a British title. The end goal is and will always be a world title, but I take one fight at a time. I have put the hard training in, it’s now all about what’s in my destiny.

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