D’Animal Back In Action

28th Sept 2019, ‘Britain Awaits’ BCB Promotions, Walsall Town Hall

A family man, a religious man and an animal all put into one, Andrew Robinson has enjoyed a terrific 2019 and will look to continue that on the 21st of December writes Joe McMillan.
Fighting at the Holiday Inn Birmingham and describing himself as “the best middleweight in Great Britain,” Robinson is 35 years old and fights out of Redditch. He has a record of 24
Win’s (7KO) 4 defeats (1KO) and 1 draw, and is full of confidence ready to continue his red hot form in 2019 that has seen him win three fights out of three.
When asked what’s changed considering his upturn in form, it was more than just training methods that had been altered. Mentally Robinson has started to “Give myself more credit.
Years before I’ve always doubted myself.” Doubting himself is no longer a problem for the man whose nickname is ‘D’Animal’, but interestingly enough the confidence which propelled his winning streak originated after a crushing defeat to Mark Heffron.
Competing for the vacant World Boxing Council International Middle Title, Robinson fell to a TKO defeat which he saw “as an injustice to myself.” The defeat made him realise “there was no more playing about, I want to prove I am the best middleweight in Great Britain.” Big words from the man who started his pro career at the age of 27 but the new positive mind-set of Robinson stated “I’m still fresh, I have the body of a 20 year old”.
The constant hard work that has been put in the gym over the years by Robinson is really starting to show, but away from the ring that’s where the real motivation comes from. A father of three, Robinson has been training ever since the birth of his eldest. This obviously has required sacrifice, describing how he has “missed out on the kids growing up, their first steps and words so I fight for them. I use them as my motivation.”
Making the training and the hard graft over the years’ worth it is the aim. The feeling I got from Robinson is that he was done playing and ready to win at all costs. “Before the turn of the year I gave too much respect to my opponents, now that’s out the window which you will see on the 21st.”
Turn the clock back 12 years and the roots of Robinson’s amateur career, we see the birth of the nickname ‘D’Animal’.
“12 years ago I was sparring and my old coach Bob Dylan kept shouting at me ‘you’re the animal’, ‘you’re the animal’, I take that with me when I fight and spa.” Channeling his amateur experience, fight and grit into his pro career is clear to see, Robinson wants to win and the nickname channels his fighting style stating that “I base myself off of a lion.”
Robinson will go back to Birmingham full of fight with one goal, winning.Despite having already fought at the Holiday Inn Birmingham, Robinson feels it “doesn’t make a difference where I fight, I’ll fight anywhere, I just want to fight.” The pressure of an early boxing career is nowhere to be seen as 29 fights in there is “no pressure felt now. I’ve done pay per view, I’ve fought in front of millions of people, and it doesn’t bother me.” This confidence has been built all on the back of a defeat, showing how strong mentally ‘D’Animal’ is, a scary man to get in the ring with.
‘D’Animal’ certainly lived up to his reputation in his last fight, producing a brutal TKO on Eric Nwankwo. Robinson told me
“I’ve been working on knockout power with my coach, Malcom Melvin.” As Robinson gets older the less time he seems to want his opponent to spend in the ring describing how “I haven’t had an easy route, I’ve had to have points wins, but now this is a new 2019 Andrew Robinson!” A completely reformed and changed man who is more dangerous now than he has ever been, speaking with more confidence than ever, something that has always been needed in the sport of boxing.
Robinson’s recent success has been put down to many things but he spoke fondly about the last year of his life describing how “when things go great outside the ring, things go great inside the ring.
Bring on 2020.” When asked if he would like to thank anyone, Robinson stated “I’m a religious man, so I thank God. I want to thank the general public for their continued support of me, I’m very gracious and I can’t wait to keep entertaining people.”The entertainment factor is something we are sure to see come the 21st of December at the Birmingham Holiday Inn. As for some last words from Andrew Robinson, he insisted “I’m going to end the year with a great win in Birmingham.”
Fellow Brummies Kane Baker, Moussab Abubaker, and Matthew ‘Swiggy’ Craddock also feature alongside Newark light heavyweight, Chad Sugden.
Tickets are on sale now, priced at £65 VIP ringside to include a buffet or £35 for standard entry, in advance. It will be £40 on the door. They are available by calling the BCB Promotions Box Office on 07493 582 261 or online here:

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