We Are Wolves Undercard Review

Top 3 Best undercard performances from ‘We Are Wolves’ Event by Max Taylor

1) Shaka Thompson VS Bryn Wain

Team Shaka

Thompson was able to show the audience and others tuning into the event why he is undefeated so far and also showing why Bryn Wain is still searching for the first win of his career. Thompson from Round One stayed on his toes and lively boxing from the Southpaw stance, he took advantage of the significant height difference, using his long reach to ensure Wain couldn’t get inside and land anything of impact. Shaka was patient yet efficient with his striking and made sure his opponent was in reach when he needed him to be, he was excellent at making his combinations useful by going to the body as well as the head, taking the air out of Wain’s tyres. Despite the succession of bodyshots, Thompson also benefited well going to the head with straight shots, evident as he put Wain to the canvas landing a straight left hand in the second round. There were many moments in later rounds where Thompson heightened the tempo and landed stinging combinations to the resilient Wain who was able to steady his legs and not go down after the second round. These moments gave the crowd in the Hangar venue belief the 6’3 middleweight would go on to finish ‘the bruiser’ however he instead took his time and used great footwork and head movement to earn himself a very convincing decision win.

2) Ashlee Eales VS Kevin Mccauley

Ashlee Eales with a winning debut

The former dancer Ashlee Eales waltzed through every round as the better boxer in his clash with Kevin Mccauley. He converted his local, loud fan’s passion into the ring with an energetic performance throughout. The pair went the four round distance as Eales exhibited impressive and flashy footwork which seemed to have a positive affect on the judges scorecard. He displayed how affective his technical ability is too, landing unpredictable combinations to the head and body with great speed but always building from his jab which was used to great success. Through applying pressure Eales for majority of the fight had his opponent where he wanted him and was able to patiently pick precise power-shots causing damage to Mccauley. So much so that he suffered a deep cut in the 3rd round. Eales was invited to load up and throw these shots due to Mccauley giving the fight its entertainment factor through taunting the sharp Eales and inviting him to tee off on him by moving into different corners. Despite this tactic giving the fans something exciting to watch, this did not overturn the steep point loss Mccauley was about to face post the fourth round. Eales put on a show and left the ring superior pleasing his fans who took up a high percentage of the crowds population on the night.

3) Conah Walker vs Edvinas Puplauskas

The Wolf back to winning ways

24 year old welterweight Conah Walker who now trains under former champion Ricky Hatton faced off against Lithuanian Puplauskas who was a considerably taller opponent and seemed very threatening due to his great hand speed. Walker, who had the backing of the local Wolverhampton fans in the Hangar was able to neutralise the danger that Puplauskas posed by moving in and giving

the 22-year-old no space to let his hands unload. Relentlessly, Walker hardly gave his opponent room to breathe by staying tight to his man and finding his range to great effect. He found success with punches in bunches, throwing combinations to the torso and the head as he moved in against the sharp Puplauskas. The travelling boxer found success rarely in the fight but managed to land a few shots through the guard of the local fighter, this was heavily overshadowed for the judges though due to the business of Walkers work. This continued form had Puplauskas legs looking shaky and about to lose balance in the later rounds however he was able to literally cling on and see the last round out before having his opponents hands raised much to the delight of the Wolverhampton crowd.

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