Tales from the Top Table

BCB contributor, Craig Birch, has taken his first foray into the world of publishing.

The hard-hitting, personal stories shared by some of boxing’s biggest names are presented in a series of short, sharp features in Tales from the Top Table.

Seventeen world champions are among the main attractions. Delve deep into the psyche of the famous fighting men and relive their experiences in the ring – the good, the bad and the ugly.

There are many fresh and surprising stories included here, as these memorable anecdotes about the fighters’ lives and times were originally intended only for the ears of those in attendance at the Bar Sport in Cannock – and could easily have stayed that way.

The bar’s upstairs Premier Suite holds just 300 people but countless sporting idols have passed through its doors, helping to put the Staffordshire town on the map.

Now Craig’s exclusive notes on Bar Sport’s after-dinner speakers put you right in the room. Every chapter is packed with the unique stories and inside information beloved of boxing aficionados. Foreword by Richie Woodhall, former WBC super-middleweight world champion. Read Tales from the Top Table and you will discover:

· Why Floyd Mayweather Jr almost brought a town to a standstill

· How Ray Mancini has learned to live with killing a man in the ring

· What you didn’t see in the film Bleed for This, about Vinny Paz

· Why Barry McGuigan knew about heat long before Hell’s Kitchen

· How Ken Buchanan went from hero to zero before his redemption

· What Anthony Joshua and Carl Frampton really have in common

· Why Nigel Benn had to go far and wide to find his happy place

· How Chris Eubank feels he’s misunderstood – in his own words

· What Steve Collins really had to go through to become a success

· Why Joe Calzaghe has no regrets about retiring while still on top

· How Carl Froch and George Groves came to a feud for the ages

· What Tyson Fury endured through depression and then recovery

Craig Birch is a journalist with over ten years’ experience covering boxing. Born and raised in Leicester, he joined the Express and Star newspaper in 2008 and has since written about hundreds of shows, thousands of bouts – and countless celebrated after-dinner speakers at Bar Sport in Cannock.

Tales from the Top Table is Craig’s first book.

To buy from the author (signed or unsigned), email craigbirch82@hotmail.com, call 0776 526 4331 or find him on Facebook or Twitter (username @CraigBirch82). 

Alternatively, you can purchase this 320-page hardback title on Amazon or from the online shop at www.pitchpublishing.co.uk.

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