Welborn Considers Move Back To Middleweight

Jason Welborn is considering moving back up to middleweight after Saturday’s disappointing defeat.

The 33-year-old fighter missed out on the vacant super welterweight CommonwealthTitle as he was stopped by undefeated prospect JJ Metcalf in Leeds.

The former British Champion could not continue after a body shot in the eighth round but there was controversy as Metcalf had been docked a point for a low blow earlier in the round.

And Welborn, who also injured his hand in the early stages of the bout, insists the low blow was a ‘bad one’.

“Obviously, I’m gutted. I trained as hard as I could,” he told the Express & Star. “In the second round, my hand went.

“I didn’t know how bad it was at the time as my hand was numb. It was a bit of a messy fight, and I got frustrated, arguing with the ref. It was probably the worst fight I have ever been in.

“I checked my hand the next day, and it had ballooned. I got it scanned and, fortunately, there was no break or fracture, but it went in the first couple of punches, and it was killing me and I couldn’t really lift it up.

“It was just frustrating, a terrible night. My heart got me up after the low blow.”Your adrenalin gets you up, but you aren’t going to recover from a shot like that. It was a bad one.

“I’m still cramped up now. I was glad when it was over really.

“It has wound me up, but I am just going to have a holiday and then see how I am.”I can’t change anything, what’s done is done.”

The defeat was Welborn’s first outing since he lost his world title bout with Jarrett Hurd back in December, and he now has a 24-8 record.

But he has fared well at middleweight, where he picked up the Lord Lonsdale belt with in a BBBoC Fifght of the Year with Tommy Langford in 2018, and added:

“I’ve had thoughts of going back up to middle. There are options. I’m strong enough to go up to middle, and I’m good enough.

“I’m 5-0 at middle(weight) and that last week training at light middle is murder.

“Even if I had won the fight, I still would’ve thought about going to middle.
“The fights have got to make sense still, as I still think I have got those big fights left in me. I do not want to go out on a fight like that.

“I want to perform how I know I can, and go out on a high. We’ll see what’s around the corner, but that isn’t the last of me.”Images (c) CR Media

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