Reeve Falls Short

Nathan ‘Thunder’ Reeve fell short of his title dream after losing his blood bath of a bout to Craig Derbyshire on Saturday, 25th May writes Ben Gibson.

Reeve was fighting in his home town of Northampton at the Deco Theatre and was aiming to take home the BBBofC English Super Flyweight Title.

Reeve took on Craig Derbyshire – an opponent that he had previously beaten at the Deco – however, he was unsuccessful this time around.
After a clash of heads in the first round Reeve began to bleed and throughout the bout the pair where exchanging blows causing cuts and damage to each other.

Derbyshire rocked Reeve a number of times and was the more pressing fighter, throwing a number of punches that caused Reeve to retreat and rely on his counter punches.

Whilst it was a close fight and Reeve did not back down, Derbyshire’s dominance shone through to the judges with all three of them going his way.

Derbyshire’s unanimous decision took his record to 7 wins with 27 losses and three draws, whilst this loss has taken Reeves record to 12 wins and 3 losses.

It was back to winning ways for Northampton’s Kieron Conway after his defeat during the third season of Ultimate Boxxer on the 10 May.
Just 15 days after his defeat Conway stepped back into the ring and beat Harry Matthews on a points decision in their entertaining bout.
Conway looked in fine form after pushing Matthews to his limits during their four rounder that was refereed by Kevin Parker.
The Northampton boxer looked at ease whilst he was in the ring moving effortlessly and closing Matthews down at any opportunity.
With the home crowd behind Conway he made his return to the ring a memorable one whilst showing off his punching power, his proficiency and his ring knowledge.

The second title winner of the night was Josh Baillie after he forced Leo D’Erlanger to retire in his corner before the fourth round began.
Baillie won the BBBofC Midlands Area super featherweight title with ease on Saturday and in a show of dominance.
From the first bell Baillie looked like the stronger fighter and rocked D’Erlanger a number of times with some smooth and powerful shots.
During the third round D’Erlanger looked defeated and broken and once he took the stool the drive to step up for the next round was gone from him.
Baillie had out boxed, outperformed and out classed D’Erlanger in just three rounds.
Before this retirement D’Erlanger seemed to apply pressure during the fight at times however, he was no match for the power and dominance that Baillie possessed.

In an incredibly close bout Tom Stokes was named victorious after his match with Chris Blaney ended 58-57.
Chris the ‘Ginja Ninja’ Blaney who is boxing out of Ricky Hatton’s gym was hoping to return to the ring a victor after his draw against Owen Jobburn at the start of this month.
However, it was the 10 and 2 (now 11 and 2) fighter Tom Stokes who got the win at the Deco.
Stokes and Blaney both tried to get in close with each other at times and this resulted in a number of clinches that the ref separated.
With both trying to take the fight to the inside and get in close it quickly became a matter of which fighter was more dominant.
Stokes continued to push forward and pressured Blaney throughout the bout but was caught off guard at times.
This incredibly close fight saw both men get rocked and whist Stokes walked away victorious he did so in one of the best fights of the night.

Finally, Curtis Felix Jr took MJ Hall the distance and won on a points decision.
Felix did not win easily however, as Hall constantly pressed and applied pressure to Felix, however, Curtis’s cat like movements allowed him to easily avoid Hall’s shots.

Images – MSN Images/Manjit Narotra.

Fights available to watch here – filmed by Max Miller:

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