Tyler Wins Title Warm-Up Test

21st July 2018, ‘England Awaits’, Walsall Town Hall, Walsall (c) Manjit Narotra
England Awaits Review
Tyler Denny defeated Louis Van Poetsch in the headline bout of BCB Promotions’ ‘England Awaits’ event at Walsall Town Hall on Saturday evening writes Ben Gibson.
Denny was participatingin his English Title warm-up bout ahead of his 29th September clash gainst Reece Cartwright at the same venue.
Denny took part in a six round bout that not only got him set up for his title defence it also let him focus on his combinations and begin to put pressure on Poetsch placing him against the ropes and also the corner.
From the first round Denny dominated the fight and mixed up his combinations utilising fast quick jabs and strong body hooks with body crosses.
While Denny was applying pressure constantly throughout the fight Poetsch was forced to be defensive and for all six rounds kept his guard and remained upright and on the run from Denny’s punches.
By the second round Denny had begun to break down Poetsch defence causing blood to run from the nose and by the sixth round he was cut above both eyes.
Denny won convincingly 60-53 and now begins his training for his English Middleweight Title fight.
James Beech Junior has continued his unbeaten run taking his record to 7-0 with one being by way of knockout.
Beech beat Swedish boxer Edward Bjorkland after the six rounds 60-54 in the super bantamweight bout.
From the first bell Beech took control of centre ring and always threw multiple shots, trying to land body hooks and jabs.
Bjorkland on the other hand was attempting to stay in close and while he was changing his stance he was throwing a lot of air shots with very few landing.
While the whole fight had James Beech Junior in the for front and as the more dominant fighter, Bjorkland continued to fight sit back as Beech’s pressure was too much.
The England Awaits show saw a professional boxer’s debut as Levi Ferguson took on Paul Cummings in a four round bout.
Levi hunted Cummings down and had the control of centre ring whilst trying to land shots on Cummings.
Ferguson and Cummings had two very different fighting techniques, while Ferguson was regimented and full of variation, from quick combos to body hooks, Cummings was going for swings to the body whilst he was against the ropes.
As the fight continued Cummings began to swing much more frequently, however, this left him much more open and more vulnerable to Levi’s variety.
Ferguson got his career off to a winning start, after he won via a points victory 40-36.
Ijaz ‘Jazzy’ Ahmed bounced back from his last defeat after he won his six round bout against, Anwar Alfadi.
This was Ijaz’s first six round bout and it lasted the distance, with Ijaz winning 60-56.
Ijaz started to mix up his shots while looking for a combination of body shots and uppercuts.
Ijaz beat Alfadi as he was the more dominant fighter was able to maintain his form compared to Alfadi who would lunge in for his shots.
Finally, Shaun Cooper took on Michael Mooney in a fight consisting of four rounds of three minutes.
Cooper was the more dominant fighter and while both where trading blows, Mooney excelled when in close.
Cooper was able to not only keep his range with his jab he was also mixing his shot variety and as the fight progressed he dominated the rounds.
This victory took Cooper’s record to 5-0 maintaining the fighters undefeated record.



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