Liddard Smith Goes The Distance

Sam Smith recovered from an early knockdown, putting in a brave competitive but ultimately losing effort over six rounds against George Liddard at the Brentwood Centre in Essex on Top Tier Promotions ‘Mentality’ event on Saturday night.

It was the worst possible start for the 30-year-old from Bodmin, as he was dropped in the opening seconds by a sharp right hand, and he looked unsteady as he beat the count. Liddard, who is signed by promotional powerhouse Matchroom Boxing, ploughed on the pressure but couldn’t force the early stoppage as Smith regained his legs and landed some nice right hands of his own.

The third round saw some nasty damage around Smith’s eye from a cut and swelling after another solid right hand from Liddard. Smith a superb engine, and he showed his stamina and toughness by constantly throwing back, even though the rounds were ultimately going against him.

Smith showed his durability, and the pace began to slow as both men dug deep as the final seconds ticked by. Referee Mark Bates scored it 60-53 for Liddard, who moves on to 8-0. Smith picks up his first loss but drew plenty of praise from those in the arena and the commentary team for his effort, and he will be back out again soon. 

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